In The Shadows of Life Collaborative | Collection Thirteen

In The Shadows of Life Collaborative | Collection Thirteen

“Shadow is an intelligent artist; it creates its works in places where there are already great beauties!”

~ Mehmet Murat ildan


Ana Rosenberg


Cate Wnek Photography


Kate Vellacott pictures


Kelly Jacobi Photography


Nicola Stewart Photography


Niki Boon Photography


Photographs by Jennifer

In The Shadows of Life Featured Photographer | July

This month we are featuring the amazing talent of Hengki Lee Photography

“For me to elaborate a story in artwork is not like telling common story to our friends or family in daily basis. I like to portray it in symbolic way, just like to make a poetry.” Poetry in the form of photographs is exactly what Hengki Lee creates. His work is like a faded memory; leaving the details undefined but the feelings overwhelming. It is hard not to have the sense that you are in a dream when you look at Hengki Lee’s work;it is truly captivating.

Please enjoy getting to know this artist and his wonderful work!

Childhood and lifestyle images are often full of color and joy. How do you feel about breaking the perceived rules of photography by portraying such images in a different way?

In my opinion, portraying childhood and life style in an artwork doesn’t have to be always like most people think and perceive.  Because for me to elaborate a story in artwork is not like telling common story to our friends or family in daily basis. I like to portray it in symbolic way, just like to make a poetry. And to achieve that intention  I often break the rules of photography, because by doing that I can elaborate the story  in such an unique way.


For us as a group, the use of deep strong shadows is what sets the mood in our lifestyle images. How do you define “mood” in your own lifestyle photographs?

For me mood is a strong feeling that I feel when I see or hear something that has a relation to my precious memory, my obsessions and my inner fantasy. And those elements in my life always strongly influence me in expressing mood in my artwork.


Why do you like portraying your lifestyle images in this way? What draws you to this style of photography?

I love to read and write poetry, and I want to express that kind of obsession in the work I create with my camera. Choosing silhouettes and unfocused photography allows me to create kind of an undefined story, since the details in the frame are unclear except for the subject’s gesture and composition. It’s a symbolic way to tell a story, just like poetry. This type of photography lets the audience’s mind guess what the story is behind my work or the image allows them to create their own story.


When shooting in beautiful light, what attracts you more- the light, or the shadows that go with it? 

The shadow that go with it. Because shadow is a tool for me in making symbolic story in my artwork.


What do you find inspiring in childhood that drives your need to capture it?

The genuine, unconditional love that I had received from my mother. As you can see I often portray parental love in my artwork.


Can you give one tip on how to shoot in “moody” light or low light?

Just sharpen your sense when you are in that kind of place, look the opportunity to capture some shadows or silhouettes, manage a good balance composition in your frame and only capture the strong gesture of your subject, and that will create a deep and strong mood and story in your frame.


What keeps you going when you feel uninspired?

When in that condition, I usually go to a new place to look for an opportunity to make a strong moody work. And I also listen to a poetic music which can generate my inner obsessions and fantasy.


What is your favorite time of day to photograph? And why?

2pm until 5 pm. That’s the time that I can make some moody shots with my Lensbaby. When the sun still shine so bright (2pm-4pm), I usually put my pinhole optic on my Lensbaby composer lens to make some old/vintage look silhouette shots. And when 4pm – 5pm, I  put my single glass optic shot on my Lensbaby composer lens to make some blurry silhouette shots.


What’s in your camera bag?

Lensbaby composer with several optic kits, Sony Alpha 7r, 24-70mm f/2.8 Sony lens, 50mm f1.4 lens, lens cleaner and some memory cards.


JPEG or RAW? Photoshop or Lightroom?

RAW and Photoshop