Meet the Girls in Love with Shadows


Janielle Vergne-Granstaff  

Lens & Beauty

As far as I can remember I have been in love with the fact that we can capture memories and make them tangible. But the art of photography itself was not something that I discovered until much later in my adult life. And something interesting happened in this journey we call “finding our style”, a road I am still traveling. I realized I am extremely drawn to strong monochromatic images with beautiful light and deep shadows.

   Anywhere there is light, I will feel inspired. But light pockets especially mesmerize me. I find contrast, harsh light, dappled light, texture and shadows fascinating. I love the feeling of stripping down the scene and making your photograph about a feeling… a mood…and a detail, rather than a moment in time.

   I especially like to showcase childhood in this way . To emphasize, in monochrome, the honesty that is only to be found in this stage of life. To use a light pocket to spotlight that little detail which summarizes the moment perfectly. To symbolize, with light and shadows, the contrast of both hope and melancholy I experience when living these ephemeral little snippets of my life with them in it.

These are the images of my children I create for me.

Rosenberg-Ana_-1Ana Rosenberg

 Ana Rosenberg Photography

    I am a happily married mama of two beautiful kids, a girl and a boy. I live in New Jersey, and I am a coffee and chocolate lover. Being a photographer is awesome! I always had a passion for photography, I love natural environments and I am passionate about capturing emotions and movement.

My photography style has been described as raw, organic, honest and Moody. I have always found an interest in captivating subjects, My favorite subject to photograph are children, I LOVE capturing the authentic expression, a range of emotions in raw honesty Those perfectly imperfect details that make each child unique in their own way.

Nic profile

Nicola Stewart 

 Nicola Stewart Photography

   I’m a mother of two crazy little boys and live in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I felt the impulse to start capturing the wonderful world I share with my amazing boys as I love how any split second of emotion on a face can tell you so much of a story.

   Every day with my sons reminds me to live in the moment, capture that flash of a look, that tear rolling down a cheek or the amazing brotherly bond to share with the people who mean the most. That passion has helped me to create and capture the magical world of childhood and all its roller coaster of emotions.

Kelly Profile

Kelly Jacobi

 Kelly Jacobi Photography

   There are less than one hundred and eighty days of sun a year for those of us living in Wisconsin. That means, over half the year is spent cast in shades of gray.

I would wait for the bright days to find beauty, to be inspired, to rejuvenate my soul.…Then one day I got tired of waiting. I went to find beauty in my every day. I found beauty in the details. I found freedom in the shadows that surround me…

Black and white photography resonates with me. It’s raw; there is nothing to hide behind. This play of light and dark excites me. It’s as if it echoes the exchange between the good days and the hard days of being a mother. Dappled light sparks something deep inside me. It creates astounding shapes and shadows; creating its own artwork within my photos. Putting these elements together, to capture our life and my three boys this way, makes my heart leap.

When I shoot this way, I allow myself to explore my fears as a wife, mother, and woman. But the beauty of shadows is even the smallest light shines that much brighter in this darkness. Because of this, I am constantly reminded of the joy and hope that surrounds me daily.

In the end, I find my happiness and my calm in a moody black and white photo.

Cousins at home

Niki Boon

Niki Boon Photography

    I have long been fascinated by vintage photographs, the black and white type that you discover in old albums and tucked away in boxes.

I love to get lost in the stories they tell, and the feelings they evoke.

   I have also held a long running obsession with moody black and white imagery, for reasons I never really tried to analyze… just a feeling. It was a darkroom course I took years ago, to help pass a dreary Scottish winter where I discovered that I had the potential to create images myself and revealed a love affair with the art form that I have never lost. The passion lay dormant for years, then resurfaced after the birth of our first child, and so my journey with digital photography began.

   My style has evolved in recent years and will continue to, I am sure, but my connection to black and white moody evocative imagery will stay strong, as I continue to tell our stories my way.


Kate Vellacott

 Kate Vellacott Pictures

    I am a UK wife and mother to two lively children. I have been an actress for 20 years on stage and film. That has always been my creative output. Having kids made me realize the acting had to take a back seat. It wasn’t until my eldest was six that I fell into photography. Nine months ago I decided to learn to use my husband’s Canon to take better pictures of the kids. Not realizing just how much it would pull me in. I’ve always loved black and white movies and the thing that draws me in about strong black and white edited pictures is how it highlights where the light falls so much more. I love drama obviously from what I do but to see drama come to life in pictures also brings me such joy. Moody, black and white dramatic pictures conjure up what I tried to create on stage in a way. To create that mood, that atmosphere, that creative feel. A wonderful feeling.


                 Cate Wnek

 Cate Wnek Photography

    My photography stems from my purpose, to record the essence of my two boys growing up together in Maine.  The light, the moments, the expressions and feelings. They are always changing, making my life richer.  The images that I feel are them at their best, just playing, pretending, jumping- being themselves, enjoying the enchantment and freedom of childhood, are the ones that make my heart full.  I try to convey the level of imagination and energy I see in them when taking the picture.  It happens sometimes, that the image and moment merge so beautifully.  When this happens, I am over the moon.  To pour and bottle that cherished instant into an image that is worthy and as memorable as the moment.  Shooting from my heart in a way that is animated, real, whimsical, honest and storytelling.

   Lately, I have become drawn to the shadows almost as much as the light.  The shapes and tones are so mesmerizing to me.  Ready to be played with and captured alongside the light.  Without dark, there can be no light.  Childhood isn’t perfect, there are blues, boo-boos, tears, and bad dreams.  Worries.  It is comforting to me to capture that in my work a bit.  To evoke the feelings that float and bobble all throughout the day into an image that resonates with other mothers and children as well.

IMG_3075shadowsprofilewebJennifer Liston-Potter

Photographs by Jennifer

One of the hardest things for me to do is an “about me”.  I never know exactly how to describe myself or my passion.  Most importantly, I am a mother to two amazing boys and I am married to an incredible man.  Then there is my other love…photography.

From the time I was little I believed I was an artist.  Any bare surface I could find I would draw or paint on…even my walls.  My parents let me do that.  They gave me that freedom, but only on my walls.  My daddy was an artist too.  He was the person whose opinion I cared most about when it came to my artworks…and he was honest.   He would never sugarcoat any of his critiques.  I remember the day I learned about shadows…the day I learned to love them.  I had finished a drawing and was very excited to take it to him for his approval.  He studied it for a second, and then he said, “Where are the shadows?  Without the shadows, how do you know where the light is?  How do you know your subject is real…is alive.  Shadows create light in art.  You have to have shadows.”

I have had them ever since, and I have loved them…When I discovered photography, I quickly realized that I wasn’t a “light and airy” person.  I wanted to capture my children in their element…In the real, gritty, honesty of their childhood.  Shadows play a huge part in the way I tell my story in pictures and will always hold a special place in my heart.

“Without shadows, how do you know where the light is.”

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