In The Shadows of Life | Weekly Features (8/18-8/24)

Here’s to another stunning week of your shares on our wall!! We are enjoying this ride so much with you all- keep sharing!

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In The Shadows Of Life Featured Photographer | August

One of our goals with this community is to share with you the talent of one of our fellow photographers who shares with us the passion of portraying lifestyle images with mood, in monochrome, while emphasizing deep shadows and letting the light shine through those.

For our first feature, we are thrilled to share with you the work of Amber Carbo Privizzini of Privizzini’s Passion Photography. Her images are always so full of life. Her perfectly imperfect images have a voice of their own. Her post processing is delicious- she truly know how to enhance that soul and mood she has already captured. Amber has such a way of conveying emotion through her images that always leaves you staring at those images just a little longer, longing to know more about their story. Thank you for gracing us with your talent.

Here is what Amber had to share with us this month. Enjoy!


1. Childhood and lifestyle images are often full of color and joy. How do you feel about breaking the perceived rules of photography by portraying such images in a different way?

I think childhood is full of emotion and to me nothing speaks emotion more than a b&w image. There is something about b&w that speaks to my heart and soul in a way that nothing else does. I also think b&w helps bring more focus to the story you are trying to tell. It’s real, raw and the no color helps bring all that out. In my opinion. I am a big rule breaker in photography. I think knowing the rules first is a must but then breaking them through your art in such ways that helps tell your story is more than ok. Perfectly imperfect images are just as beautiful as a technically perfect image.

Amber 1

2. For us as a group, the use of deep strong shadows is what sets the mood in our lifestyle images. How do you define “mood” in your own lifestyle photographs?

Most people that know me know my style is the deeps darkest of shadows that you can get. Also things like free lensing, moody light, low light help capture the mood I am looking for. Mood to me is portraying such an amazing story that grabs your readers attention and leaves them wanting to see more. Deeper tones and perfectly imperfects are also in my “mood” dictionary.

Amber 2

3. Why do you like portraying your lifestyle images in this way? What draws you to this style of photography?

I think my love for these type of images stem from my past. Lets just say I didn’t have the perfect happy childhood that most people know of. I have tried all sorts of styles since I started. Everything from wedding, newborns. Dreamy, bright and airy edits. Nothing made me feel the way I feel about my style now. I honestly think my past helps me connect more with deeper, darker images in a way that I really can’t explain. Sharing this style of work also helps me get through my emotions from my past and tell my story without people knowing. Photography has been a HUGE help in my recovery process and me trying to move forward in life. It is very soothing to me.

Amber 3


4. When shooting in beautiful light, what attracts you more- the light, or the shadows that go with it?

That is a tough question. I am seriously ADDICTED to light. But I have grown to love playing with the shadows and light leaks from the light. I think I love them both equally. I just love light. I will find it. No matter where it is or what kind of day it is.

Amber 4

5. What do you find inspiring in childhood that drives your need to capture it?

I have found and am finding more and more that I absolutely love capturing my children so much because they are so happy and on the go all the time. I love the grit of childhood. Love them getting dirty and seeing their imaginations at play. And again, because I had a much different childhood than my kids have. Nothing makes me happier than to see them happy and just living life with not a care in the world. So to be able to capture that for them leaves me teary eyed with joy. Childhood is just real and raw. Nothing goes better with my style of shooting than that.

Amber 5

6. Can you give one tip on how to shoot in “moody” light or low light?

One thing I love to do is find an area that has some shade and open light. Put your subject in the shade with the sun behind you so it is illuminating your subject. It makes for such amazing, moody b&w’s. Also learn to embrace the grain. Shooting in low light a lot of times you will get grain. Embrace it. It’s beautiful.

Amber 6


7. What keeps you going when you feel uninspired?

When I feel uninspired I just keep going and try different things. It always works and gets me out of my funk. If something isn’t working, I put my camera down for a few days and when I feel inspired I pick it back up. But most of the time trying something new works like a charm. We all get in our funks and feel like we lost our touch. You will come out of it better than you were before.

Amber 7

8. What is your favorite time of day to photograph? And why?

My absolute favorite time of the day to shoot is definitely those couple of hours before sunset. When the light is lower in the sky. Perfect time to get backlit images and play with light. The golden tones at “golden hour” is YUM! I am like a kid in a candy store at golden hour. My family laughs at me. lol 🙂

Amber 8


9. What’s in your camera bag?

Canon mark III, canon 70-200, canon 85mm 1.8, canon 35mm 1,4 and Lensbaby. Also lots of hair clips, paper and pen, wipes, lens cleaner pen, lens cleaner and micro fiber pads, lots of memory cards and bobby pins. Probably more stuff I forget about.

Amber 9


10. JPEG or RAW? Photoshop or Lightroom?

I shoot RAW all the way baby. And funny you ask. I used to swear by ONLY Photoshop (cs) and I really did not care for Lightroom. Just about 2 months ago I made myself again go into Lightroom and try to make myself enjoy it and I fell in love with using both. I will never edit an image using just Photoshop again. I would never use just Lightroom. I have to have both for each image now. I feel my images have gotten stronger since using both!


To see more of Amber’s stunning work, please visit her Facebook page here, and show her some love. We guarantee you will love to continue to follow her!

In The Shadows Of Life | Weekly Features (8/11-8/17)

What an amazing first week! We are all so overwhelmed by the love and feedback we have received already.

I think one of the most amazing comments we have heard again and again is of the excitement of finding a place to share the everyday photos with others who are drawn to the shadows. Which is exactly what we wanted to do!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us!!

The presence of the dark gives the light its quality. Our eyes naturally appreciate the areas of light, but we can only do this by acknowledging the darks. ~Grace Paleg

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