Today we come together happy, hopeful. We are women from all over the world in love with our children. In love with photography. In love with monochrome and in love with mood. In love with light, but fascinated by the shadows that frame it.
Our beginnings together started years ago…individually…worlds apart, isolated from each other. Longing for connections with “those who see like I do”.
Childhood is nothing but positive and airy. A most honest and genuine period in life as human beings that deserves to be documented. There is beauty to be found in the honesty of the moment, of the expression, of the detail.  We love how monochrome strips away all other factors and leaves us with just this- the raw. The raw, and the now, which is what we as mothers ultimately wish to immortalize.
Today, we come together for the first time in this space to show you the beauty that we see as mothers hidden in the shadows of our lives.
Thank you for being here with us. We hope you will enjoy.
Kate V